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Monday, January 18, 2010

Noooo Chicken Daddy

Ahhh the joys of motherhood. It is so wonderful. But it is especially wonderful when new stages and developments occur. Like tonight for example. Q-Tip has decided that she no longer wants to eat dinner....well, most of the time that is. She will eat breakfast with no problem, lunch is smooth sailing, and a small snack after her nap with glee...but supper, now way. Which can be very frustrating for mommy who's first instinct is above all, to feed the child!

We had turkey for supper tonight...yummy, yummy turkey! I was especially excited about this because I just KNEW that Q-Tip would eat her "chicken". How can you get EXCITED you say about turkey? Well you just don't know the supper-time drama we have had in this house almost every night! It was gonna be smooth sailing through supper tonight though...WRONG!

So I put Q-Tip in her high chair tonight and lay the yummy, yummy turkey morsels on her tray and she DEVOURED them....NOT. She wouldn't touch them. UGH! So Farm Boy and I encouraged and praised and continued eating our "chicken" and showing her how yummy it was. Saying the whole your "chicken". All of a sudden after one of Farm Boy's "eat your chicken" she abruptly said...Noooo chicken, nooooo chicken daddy!

You think it's funny ay?? I have to admit I had to turn my head for a split second to fight off a giggle. But fight it off I must! This behavior can not be encouraged! It must be stopped! Stopped in the name of all that is good and holy! But, she is 1....what can you do at this point? We just ignored it. But....I have to admit, in that same split second that I wanted to giggle, I also wanted to pinch her cute, fat little cheeks off.


  1. Loving this! I've wanted to start a blog because I enjoy reading so many other ones, but I wrote one post - ONE! Hahaha. Keep it up. It's such a great way to record all your daily moments. can even "slurp" your blog and put it into a book at the end of the year. So keep writing - I really enjoy reading it. Miss you guys!

  2. LOL!!!!! This is hilarious! Great job Meg! I was cracking up about little miss q-tip's quote!!! Savannah is not even close to speaking that clear let alone sentences so i probably would have cracked up and been so joyed at the same time! We have moments...actually my daughter loves to bite! Yup....I always said I wouldnt have a biter...I learned my lesson on that one! Looking forward to more mama! love ya!

  3. Love this Megan! I promise though she won't starve - LOL. She'll eat if she's hungry enough...I can't imagine where she gets that stubborn streak from!

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Stacy you should get back to it!

    Court, it will come and I'm sure you will be as thrilled as I am!

    I can't imagine where Anna....absolutely not from me!! LOL!! Maybe a little but I'm always giving in to Farm Boy so he is the more stubborn one fo sho!!