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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Tell Me Why!

Why, oh why when the baby pops out do we start thinking we have to be June Cleaver? I mean really people! It is completely ridiculous and unattainable! And I know I'm not the only one here! And I know it's not because I watched too much TV when I was little and thought that is the way it is supposed to be. And I know it's not because of the wonderful example my mom was. She was by the way but I know that isn't the reason. It's like this switch that gets flipped in your brain. And when you can't measure up to this expectation that you have for yourself, feelings of shame and failure set in. And once again...IT'S RIDICULOUS!!

You know it's all in your head but you can't stop. You can't stop thinking that you aren't doing it good enough or just simply, you aren't doing enough. Even though your husband is supportive and your child is moving along developmentally, it's not enough. Because your house isn't spotless, the dog needs a bath, your roots haven't been done in Lord knows how long, your toes aren't painted and your heels....don't even go there! I haven't even mentioned what some mothers deal with taking one child to soccer while the other goes to dance...etc. And those are just the things that NEED to be done...not the things that you WANT to do. 

Something has to give so eventually, YOU start losing YOU. You start having flashbacks every now and again about what you like to do...and if I had time I'd love to go do this or that. Or remember when I could go here or there. You start forgetting what it is that makes up you. You aside from wife and mommy. You starts slipping away. 

When are we going to realize that WE (the wives and mommies) can't do it all?! We can't possibly handle everything that needs to be handled today. We need HELP! Help from our husbands, help from our families, and especially help from our friends. Friends, we need to remind each other of these things. We ain't June Freakin Cleaver and we ain't never gonna be! It's just the fact of the matter. 

So, y'all know I'm talking to myself right! Cause you know I'm crazy like that and all. 

What I really mean to say is...dear, dear friends of mine...please tell me on a regular basis that I am NOT June Freakin Cleaver! Cause I need to be reminded...FREQUENTLY. And don't worry dear friends...I'll remind you too! 

P.S. A show I saw on TV the other day prompted these thoughts. It was about a "do it all" mommy that became an alcoholic at the age of 41. She is sober now and doing well but she said the one thing she would say to other women is..."There is nothing to be ashamed of." What I feel she was referring to is there is nothing to be ashamed of if you can't do it all. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you can't be June Cleaver and still manage to hold on to a shred of yourself along the way. It's just not possible....for me anyway. And I'm not ashamed to say it!


  1. Ok...I can totally relate. I tried to post a comment, but i got so carried away it was too long to post so I emailed it to "you've got mail"!


  2. Now, I thought you told me the other day you were vacuuming the house in your heels and pearls!! No, that’s what tv does it gives us a false sense of self. I will never be skinny enough, sexy enough, etc according to the peeps on tv. Even some people we think have it together don’t. Great example about that lady being perfect drove her to drinking and she lost her marriage and children and almost her life. All I have to say is, “honey you are not June Freakin’ Cleaver and thank GOD for it!”

  3. Lyn, thanks for reminding me! Please keep it up!

    Got my mail...thanks Pam. Very good ideas...I think I need a few 8 yr olds to put to work!! :-)

    Thanks for sending me some love y'all!

  4. Love it, Love it, Love it!