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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eugenia the Wicked

I have a wicked, wicked thing that has staked it's claim inside me from day one. It is Eugenia the Wicked. Eugenia the Wicked is the source of all my sweet cravings. It is her...the evil little sucker...that makes me want cake and cookies and pie and ice cream...and...I can't do it. I can no longer talk about these things.

I'm fairly certain Eugenia is a descendant of Ernest who resides in my darling daddy. Eugenia and Ernest have haunted my daddy and me from the beginning of the beginning. It's such a terrible thing to endure.

Well Eugenia reared her ugly head Sunday night while I was at the grocery store getting a movie. Our grocery store has the Red Box DVD rental's a conspiracy dang it. Anyway, she reared her ugly head in a big way and threatened to pull out every one of my fingernails if I do not buy this....

And so I did. And as you can see...Farm Boy and I have made short work of it. And today at lunch...I have to admit although I hate to admit....I took a fork and ate a few bites. You see, I couldn't wait until tonight after we put Q-Tip to bed. I wanted it NOW dad-gummit.
There, I said it......I feel SO MUCH better!!
By the way....thanks a lot Daddy! :-)
P.S. If you should have any suggestions on how to rid myself of Eugenia...PLEASE for the Love of Sweets...tell me! This is a desperate situation people! DESPERATE!!


  1. I think we all have one of those demons in us somewhere...heck you did better than me I would have finished it off all by myself! so when you find out how to excersit this out of us let me know and I will be the first in line, well right by your side anyway! lol

  2. Well desperate times usually call for desperate's my advice: get rid of it! You're done playin' now, it's been fun, but it's time to go! GO...right now, don't read another word...go to the kitchen and throw it away! Eugenia may have won the battle, but don't let her win the war!!! Yes, yes,'s is terribly hard for perfectionists like us to be wasteful and throw perfectly good food away...but trust just gotta do it!

    On another note...I agree with your conspiracy box & grocery stores... There is some marketing person out there somewhere that is now a gazillionaire from that little idea... So, here's what I suggest: join Netflix! It's quick, it's easy and it's online and you'll never have to try to tell Eugenia to wait in the car (and we know how hard that it!) while you "just run in and get a movie".

    ps...keep blogging away, you are funnneeeee!