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Frequently moving perfectionist often driven to Crazyville by moving, motherhood, and...myself. Lover of music, homemade things, and Oklahoma.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Craziness That is Me - Translation: About Me

Hey y'all, I'm Megan. Looks like you have stumbled upon my ramblings of craziness....hope you have a minute to kick back relax and get a couple laughes. Sorry, I don't offer massages.

So about me.....I'm a 25 + 5 yr old (I have issues with the 3-0 word) wife to a Farm Boy and mother to a 1 yr old baby girl we call Q-Tip. When you see a picture you'll know why. The reason I am here is to give you a good laugh for the day and to find others with the same plaguing issues that I have. And Ohhh the issues that I have! I am a struggling perfectionist who my darling Farm Boy has moved from state to state which I have dealt with fairly well I might add but throw a baby into the mix and that has about done me in! Frankly, it has driven me to Crazyville! Now Crazyville can sometimes be a fun place but it also has dark alleys that you don't want to go down after dark...if you know what I mean?

I don't blame my darling Q-Tip for this. She is simply an innocent by-stander in the whole thing. All the poor child wants is for someone to sit down and read a book to her or help her with her shape sorter. But being the perfectionist that I am I have to go off and make things complicated....which as I'm sure you can understand is in her best interest!

My Farm Boy is also not to blame. His career being what it is moves us around quite a bit. I signed up for this gig though...I knew what the future held. I'm not sorry or regretful though. There is no other place on earth that I would rather be than with him. Even if the moving makes me to go Crazyville sometimes...and it does! Cause let me just tell ya moving ain't my cup o' tea. It throws the OCD into FULL EFFECT! Thus, causing me to need medication desperately which I refuse to take because I'm a perfectionist now dad-gummit and perfectionists DO NOT need medication! Plus, I'm just really afraid that I will like it...I will like it alot!

So that is the short version of who I am and the roots of my craziness. As the days follow you will see more of who I am, things that send me to Crazyville for the weekend, and the things that I love. Like my Farm Boy and my Q-Tip.


  1. Oh Meg...This is soO cute! I can tell it shall be interesting...eager to see more of your inserts!! Love you! Jordan

  2. I don't remember whose blog I clicked on to get here but you are now on my favorites! The only blogs I read a few months ago were our daughter's, or for genealogy conferences. Then I joined Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen and had to make a folder for the blogs I like!

    I must admit you had me at Red Dirt. My heart is still in OK and I was six when we moved many years ago. Our children are grown and like you I was a full-time mommy. Hang in there, make good memories and you will look back on these days with good memories! Sometimes the house has to be cluttered and unorganized; it can be put back together another day.


  3. Thanks so much GillLink! I'm so glad you enjoyed my ramblings.

    My heart is in Oklahoma right alongside yours! It always will be no matter where we roam. :-)

    Thanks for the words of advice...I will take all I can get.

    Many blessings to you!

  4. it's always fun to read first posts...and to see how or why a blog got started... I was blog-clueless not too long ago! It was our older daughter that explained what a blog was when she showed us hers... after winning a blog design contest for me, I jumped right in (but since I am NOT computer savvy, it took and still takes me longer than most to put a post up...if I can get one post a week posted that is doing great for me!) so that I can give a little peek behind the artwork that I do...And meeting all the wonderful, amazing bloggers has been fun, fun, fun! So glad to meet you!

    Blessings & Aloha!