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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Channeling Jillian

So I think my wonderful friend Pam was channeling Jillian last night because she wrote me this.....

Well desperate times call for desperate's my advice: get rid of it!! You're done playin' now, it's been fun, but it's time to go! GO...right now, don't read another word...go to the kitchen and throw it away! Eugenia may have won the battle, but don't let her win the war!!! Yes, yes,'s terribly hard for perfectionists like us to be wasteful and throw perfectly good food away...but trust just gotta do it!

Which resulted in this....

I beat you, I beat you...nanny nanny boo boo!! Take THAT Eugenia!!

Oh Lord I hope she doesn't pull my fingernails out tonight!! I'm kinda skeered....
I wish Jillian (aka: Pam) could come live at my house and kick Eugenia's arce for me...that would be totally awesome!!
By the way...thanks my wonderful friend are Pam-tastic! LYMI

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